The Wildings: The Hundred Names of Darkness

The Wildings: The Hundred Names of Darkness

By Nilanjana Roy

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As the Nizamuddin cat clan recover slowly from their terrible battle with the ferals, they find their beloved home changing around them. Winter brings an army of predators - humans, vicious dogs, snakes, bandicoots along with the cold and a scarcity of food Unless Mara can help them find a safe haven, their small band will be wiped out for good.

With the assistance of a motley group of friends Doginder, a friendly stray Hatch, a Black Kite who is afraid of the sky; Thomas Mor, an affable peacock Jethro Tail, the mouse who roared and the legendary Senders of Delhi - Mara and her band set out on an epic journey to find a place where they can live free from danger...

250 pp
Published 03/11/2016
ISBN 9781782691075
Pushkin Children's Books