The Story of Captain Nemo

The Story of Captain Nemo

By Dave Eggers

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A teenage boy and his uncle embark on the adventure of their lives

"Don't you worry, son. Whatever it is that's been killing the sailors, I will kill it." In this science-fiction classic - reimagined by Dave Eggers in modern times, and from the point of view of the fourteen-year-old Consuelo - the famous oceanographer Pierre Arronax sets sail from New York to hunt down a mysterious sea-monster which has been terrorizing the oceans, wrecking ship after ship and causing countless deaths. But they discover an even stranger truth: the "sea-monster" is in fact a submarine, captained by Nemo, who is living in self-imposed exile in international waters. Consuelo and Arronax join Nemo on the submarine, and so begin their exciting adventures ...


Cover illustration by Fabian Negrin
104 pp
Published 24 October 2013
ISBN 9781782690184
Pushkin Children's Special Format