The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen

By Hans Christian Andersen

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A fresh new translation of one of the world's best and most inspiring fairy tales.

When Kai is cursed by a magic mirror, he can no longer perceive goodness in anything - not his best friend Gerda, nor the roses in the garden. One wintery evening, he is kidnapped by the wicked Snow Queen and swept away to live for ever in her kingdom of ice.

Friendless and shoe-less, Gerda must travel through inhospitable lands, with only crows to guide her and bandits for company, in order to find her beloved friend. And when she gets there, how will she melt the ice in his heart?

Nearly two centuries after its first publication, The Snow Queen endures as a tale of love and loss, good and evil, and loyalty in the face of great hardships. 


Translated by Misha Hoekstra
Illustrated by Lucie Arnoux
96 pp
Published 01 October 2015
Pushkin Children's Paperback

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