The Secrets of the Wild Wood

The Secrets of the Wild Wood

By Tonke Dragt

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Tiuri returns in The Secrets of the Wild Wood, the thrilling and long-awaited sequel to The Letter for the King!

'Now that I have discovered those secrets, will I ever get out of here alive so that I may tell others what I know?' thought Ristridin. Strange rumours circulate about the Wild Wood: tales of robbers and lost cities, of dangerous knights and mysterious Men in Green... and now Sir Ristridin, last seen in that impenetrable forest, has disappeared. Tiuri, now a young Knight with a White Shield, sets out with Piak and Marius to uncover the Wild Wood's secrets, only to find himself caught up in a terrible plan to seize King Unauwen's throne - a plan destined to end in a fierce battle between Good and Evil, in which no-one can remain impartial. Ever willing to risk all perils to fight for what is right and true, Tiuri gathers his old friends and sets off to warn King Unauwen - before it is too late.


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460 pp
Published 10 September 2015
ISBN 9781782690610
Pushkin Children's Hardback