The Secret of the Blue Glass

The Secret of the Blue Glass

By Tomiko Inui

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A magical miniature family's adventures in wartime Japan

In a dusty library, in the quietest corner of a house in a Tokyo suburb, live the Little People: Fern and Balbo, Robin and Iris. Just a few inches high, sleeping in cigarette boxes and crafting shoes from old book jackets, they need only one thing from their Humans - a nightly glass of milk, served in a sparkling Blue Glass goblet, by a trusted young member of the Human family. But when the Second World War comes to Japan, bringing a dangerous new kind of patriotism, both Humans and their beloved Little People face a world they could never before have imagined. It will take great love, bravery, and a rather loyal pigeon, to bring their unique families back together once more...


Translated by Ginny Tapley Takemori
Cover illustration by
192 pp
Published 30 July 2015
ISBN 9781782690344
Pushkin Children's Flapped Paperback