The New Sorrows of Young W.

The New Sorrows of Young W.

By Ulrich Plenzdorf

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First UK publication of this highly acclaimed, funny and smart classic of German literature

'I was just a regular idiot, a nutcase, a show-off and all that. Nothing to cry about. Seriously' Edgar W., teenage dropout, unrequited lover, unrecognized genius - and dead - tells the story of his brief, spectacular life. It is the story of how he rebels against the petty rules of communist East Germany to live in an abandoned summer house, with just a tape recorder and a battered copy of Goethe's The Sorrows of Young Werther for company. Of his passionate love for the dark-eyed, unattainable kindergarten teacher Charlie. And of how, in a series of calamitous events (involving electricity and a spray paint machine), he meets his untimely end. Absurd, funny and touching, this cult German bestseller, now in a new translation, is both a satire on life in the GDR and a hymn to youthful freedom.


Translated by Romy Fursland
Cover illustration by Joël Penkman
160 pp
Published 04 June 2015
ISBN 9781782270942
Pushkin Collection