The Forbidden Kingdom

The Forbidden Kingdom

By Jan Jacob Slauerhoff

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A 1930s Cloud Atlas - a classic of Dutch literature

Slauerhoff's The Forbidden Kingdom is a blend of historical chronicle, fiction and commentary, bringing together the seemingly unrelated lives of a twentieth century ship's radio operator and the sixteenth century Portuguese poet-in-exile, Luis Camoes. Slauerhoff draws his reader into a dazzling world of exoticism, betrayal and exile, where past and present merge and the possibility of death is never far away. Through a narrative that evolves into a critique of European history, culture and colonialism, Slauerhoff speculates about the lessons to be learnt from history.

Translated by Paul Vincent
Cover illustration by Fundo Patrimonial Biblioteca Pública de Evora
304 pp
Published 30 August 2012
ISBN 9781906548889
Pushkin Collection