The Flying Classroom

The Flying Classroom

By Erich Kästner

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A delightful and moving story of boyhood adventures, friendships and anxieties, set in a 1930s boarding school

Five boys are preparing for their school Christmas play: conscientious Martin, too poor to pay for his train fare home at the end of term; Johnny, whose parents have left him and who'll have to stay at school over the holidays; Matthew, strong, thick-skinned and good-natured, looking forward to the punching ball he's been promised for Christmas; sensitive and fearful Uli; and intelligent, complicated Sebastian, who thinks that Christmas is overrated but is happy to play along. Meanwhile, a rival boys' school is threatening their peace, and their housemaster's mysterious falling-out with an old friend, who lives in a (non-smoking) railway carriage, demands to be explained and rectified. Both quietly melancholic and witty, this is a story about the fun, adventure and worries, both small and serious, that are the reality of childhood days.



Translated by Anthea Bell
Cover illustration by Nathan Burton
176 pp
Published 06 November 2014
ISBN 9781782690566
Pushkin Children's Flapped PB