The Crew

The Crew

By Joseph Kessel

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A tragic, tale of romance, bravery and brotherhood amid the carnage of the First World War air conflict

The crew of a French reconnaissance plane during the First World War consisted of just two men: a pilot and an observer. Two such men are Jean Herbillon and Claude Maury. Herbillon's dreams of glory as an air ace have been dashed after only a few months at the front; Maury suffers from a broken heart - his only hope is that his exploits as a pilot will win back his lost love. Together the two form one of the best crews in the air, fighting in the first aerial conflict in history - one in which a combatant can count his life expectancy in weeks. The pressure of war forges a strong bond between the two flyers, but can it survive the discovery that they are both in love with the same woman? Joseph Kessel's autobiographical novel is a staggering tale of courage, brotherhood and loss.


Translated by Andre Naffis-Sahely
Cover illustration by
200 pp
Published 28 April 2016
ISBN 9781782271611
Pushkin Collection