The Break

The Break

By Pietro Grossi


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A Hemingway-style tale of a man forced to submit to the harsh reality of life

Dino is a placid, unambitious man. Living in a small provincial town, he and his wife spend their time planning journeys to faraway places - journeys they never take. Dino's only passion is billiards, and he spends his evenings in the local billiards hall honing his technique. One day, however, Dino's quiet life is interrupted - his wife falls pregnant. This the first in a series of events that shake him from his slumber and force Dino to test himself for the first time. As in his widely praised Fists, Pietro Grossi's stripped-down prose brings out the epic human drama in a tale of everyday life.

Translated by Howard Curtis
Cover illustration by Vincent van Gogh
224 pp
Published 27 September 2012
ISBN 9781906548841
B-Format Paperback

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