The Boy Who Stole Attila’s Horse

The Boy Who Stole Attila’s Horse

By Iván Repila

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A brave, original allegory of our modern world

'It looks impossible to get out,' he says. And also: 'But we'll get out.' Two brothers, Big and Small, are trapped at the bottom of a well. They have no food and little chance of rescue. Only the tempting spectre of insanity offers a way out. As Small's wits fail, Big formulates a desperate plan. With the authority of the darkest fables, and the horrifying inevitability of all-too-real life, Repila's unique allegory explores the depths of human desperation and, ultimately, our almost unending capacity for hope.


Translated by Sophie Hughes
Cover illustration by David Roberts
112 pp
Published 26 March 2015
ISBN 9781782271017
Pushkin Collection