The Adventures of Shola

The Adventures of Shola

By Bernardo Atxaga

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Small dog. Big dreams.

Shola is a little dog with attitude. Frustratingly for her, she loves both comfort (mainly in the form of food) and adventure (in theory, at least), and spends much of her time trying to decide between the two. Whether she is faced with the possibility that she may really be a lion or the prospect of a boar-hunt, with eccentric American visitors or insufferable country bumpkins, Shola is not afraid to pursue her dreams ... up to a point. Lovingly and revealingly illustrated by Mikel Valverde, these four stories in one volume are a treasure-trove of amusement which cannot fail to cheer the reader.


Translated by Margaret Jull Costa
Cover illustration by Mikel Valverde
220 pp
Published 10 October 2013
ISBN 9781782690092
Pushkin Children's Hardback

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