Shooting Stars: 10 Historical Miniatures

Shooting Stars: 10 Historical Miniatures

By Stefan Zweig

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Ten turning points in history, vividly sketched by the great Stefan Zweig, in a new translation by the award-winning Anthea Bell

One of the twentieth century's great humanists and a hugely popular fiction writer, Stefan Zweig's historical works bring the past to life in brilliant Technicolor. This collection contains ten typically breathless and erudite dramatizations of some of the most tense and important episodes in human history. From General Grouchy's failure to intervene at Waterloo, to the miraculous resurrection of George Frideric Handel, Zweig's selection is idiosyncratic, fascinating and as always hugely readable.


Translated by Anthea Bell
Cover illustration by Nathan Burton
256 pp
Published 12 February 2015
ISBN 9781782270508
B-Format Paperback

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