Shola and the Lions

Shola and the Lions

By Bernardo Atxaga

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New edition of the small dog with big dreams, or should we say... 'lion'?

It is clear to Shola that she is not, in fact, a dog. People may have been trying to tell her otherwise for dog years, but a trip to her owner's library finally has her convinced: she is, in fact, descended from the Kings of the Savannah. But how will she take to her new-found lineage? Will she finally get the respect she deserves from her fellow citizens? Most importantly, now that she has been identified as a powerful predator, does this mean no chips again... ever?


Translated by Margaret Jull Costa
Cover illustration by Mikel Valverde
56 pp
Published 26 March 2015
ISBN 9781782690641
Pushkin Children's Collection