Popular Hits of the Showa Era

Popular Hits of the Showa Era

By Ryu Murakami

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A darkly satirical tale of the generation and gender gaps in Japanese society

It's a set-up like a video game: two rival gangs fight to death for the control of a Tokyo district. In one gang, six young losers committed only to drinking, voyeurism and karaoke singing, in the other six tough independent older women. From ambush to revenge, both groups are gradually decimated until the ultimate showdown. In Murakami's inimitably brutal and brilliant style, Popular Hits dissects the gender and generational conflicts of contemporary society in a hilarious satire.

Translated by Ralph McCarthy
Cover illustration by David Pearson
192 pp
Published 09 May 2013
ISBN 9781908968449
B-Format Paperback

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