Philosophy for Polar Explorers

Philosophy for Polar Explorers

By Erling Kagge

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What they don't teach you at school

What's better? A bird in your hand or two in the bush? Jump the fence at the lowest or highest point? And what does that have to do with Harry Potter, Tenzing Norgay, Paris Hilton and Aristotle? Are you and Tony Soprano searching for the same things as Socrates did? And what does a Swedish punk rock band have in common with the philosopher Spinoza? It s about dreams, ups and downs and motivation. Mainly, it s not only about becoming someone, but how important it is just to be on your way. And don't forget that everyone can surprise him or herself, and do something unique and special in their lives. It might not be as difficult as you think.

Translated by Kenneth Steven
Cover illustration by Erik Johan Worsøe Eriksen
176 pp
Published 30 April 2005
ISBN 9781901285697
Pushkin Special Format

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