One Night, Markovitch

One Night, Markovitch

By Ayelet Gundar-Goshen

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Amazing debut from Israel: magical, side-splitting and deeply touching

Two men are crossing the sea to marry women they have never met, in order to help them escape war-torn Europe for the Jewish homeland. Zeev Feinberg - lover of many women and proud owner of a lustrous moustache - yearns to return home, to a girl whose skin is sweet with the smell of oranges. For Yaacov Markovitch, however, who no woman has ever looked at twice, his fake marriage is the beginning of a lifelong obsession. As he vows to make his beautiful bride, Bella, love him - and she determines to break free - their changing fortunes take them through war, upheaval, terrible secrets, tragedy, joy and loss. Vital, funny and tender, One Night, Markovitch brilliantly fuses personal lives and epic history in an unforgettable story of endless, hopeless longing and the desperate search for love.


Translated by Sondra Silverston
Cover illustration by Daniel Murtagh/Trevilion Images
384 pp
Published 29 January 2015
ISBN 9781782270522
C-Format Trade Paperback

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