Oliver VII

Oliver VII

By Antal Szerb

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A comic fable from one of the masters of twentieth-century prose

"Szerb belongs with the master novelists of the twentieth century" Paul Bailey, Daily Telegraph The bored young ruler of an idyllic Central European country plots a coup against himself and escapes to Venice in search of 'real' experience. There he falls in with a team of ambitious con-men and ends up, to his own surprise, impersonating himself. In this wonderfully droll tale the king's journey through successive levels of illusion and reality teaches him much about the world, his foreordained role in it, and himself. Once again Szerb's gentle irony is brought to bear on some uncomfortable paradoxes of self and the human condition.

Translated by Len Rix
Cover illustration by Eoin Ryan
208 pp
Published 06 June 2013
ISBN 9781908968395
Pushkin Collection

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Oliver VII