Oksa Pollock 1: The Last Hope

Oksa Pollock 1: The Last Hope

By Anne Plichota & Cendrine Wolf

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A new heroine. An old evil. An unforgettable adventure.

Oksa Pollock is just a normal thirteen-year-old girl, moving with her family from her home in Paris to a new life in London-new friends, a new school and new adventures. But bizarre things start happening around Oksa. Suddenly, she finds she can produce fire from her hands, move objects with her mind, and even fly. As Oksa experiments with her wonderful new powers, her family notice, and an amazing truth is revealed... Along with her best friend, Gus, her loving, powerful grandmother, her wicked new Physics teacher, her mysterious uncles and a whole host of fantastical creatures, Oksa will be thrown into a wilder adventure than she could ever have imagined.And Oksa knows she must triumph over her enemies. A whole world is counting on her. The Last Hope is the first book in the phenomenal Oksa Pollock series, followed by The Forest of Lost Souls. The Heart of Two Worlds, the third book in the series, is coming soon.


Translated by Sue Rose
Cover illustration by Tom Sanderson
528 pp
Published 27 February 2014
ISBN 9781782690351
B-Format Paperback