Oksa Pollock: Tainted Bonds

Oksa Pollock: Tainted Bonds

By Anne Plichota & Cendrine Wolf

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Home is where the danger starts...

Oksa Pollock's worlds are dying, and she faces her toughest challenge yet: to bring our world, and her magical ancestral home, Edefia, back to life again. As Earth collapses, only the power that Oksa inherits as Graciousness will be anywhere near enough to save them. But between her and hope lies her most wicked enemy: Ocious, the cause of all her family's heartbreak. There are other things on her mind, too: her mother and her best friend Gus are trapped back in our world, her almost-boyfriend Tugdual is behaving oddly, and her grandmother has been lost to them altogether. If Ocious is able to take someone else close to Oksa, the future of both worlds would be in greater danger than ever...


Translated by Sue Rose
Cover illustration by
400 pp
Published 04 February 2016
ISBN 9781782690801

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