Master of the Day of Judgment

Master of the Day of Judgment

By Leo Perutz

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An enthralling Sherlock Holmes-esque mystery set in Vienna from one of Austria's most highly regarded authors

In the Viennese autumn of 1909, famed actor Eugen Bischoff is driven to suicide. All eyes are on Baron von Yosch, who was once the lover of the dead man's wife. The Baron has nothing to hide. But why was his pipe found at the scene of death? Could you prove your innocence, with your memory of events so confused? Then there was the girl on the phone who distinctly referred to 'the Day of Judgment' - the actor's dying words... And there were other deaths that autumn, and it became harder to track down the invisible enemy - a monster who fed off intrigue, imagination and fear. The very things that drive us. The very things we cannot control.


Translated by Eric Mosbacher
Cover illustration by
160 pp
Published 10 September 2015
ISBN 9781782271529

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