Journey of the Dead

Journey of the Dead

By Francois Augiéras

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The first English translation of this scandalous French cult classic

Journey of the Dead began as a diary in the Fifties when François Augiéras was a shepherd in the Sahara. Written as an autobiographical narrative, Augiéras's narrator makes no secret of his love for boys and his penchant for girls and animals. But Journey of the Dead is not a confession of guilt, it is a revolt against the the vulgarity of Europe and its moral barriers. In 1953, Marguerite Yourcenar wrote of Augerias's work: 'These pages will obviously shock many readers (and not without reason) ... they seem clean, and in a sense noble, because serious when compared to the superficiality or meanness one now hears.' Augerias's life, just as in his work, consistently sought a way of living which was at once primitive and very much ahead of its time.

Translated by Christopher Moncrieff
Cover illustration by François Augiéras
272 pp
Published 01 April 2011
ISBN 9781906548421
Pushkin Collection