In Search of Venice

By Paul Morand, Régis Debray, Petr Král, Henry James, Arthur Schnitzler

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The best of Pushkin Press on the iconic city.


Venices by Paul Morand A poetic evocation of the French ambassador's encounters and experiences, filtered through the one constant in his life - Venice.

Translated by Euan Cameron • 256pp


Loving Venice by Petr Král

The Czech poet writes a love letter to a place that arouses strong and contradictory emotions and provides a portrait both intimate and universal.

Translated by Christopher Moncrieff • 96pp


Against Venice by Regis Debray

An irreverent and witty criticism of the world of parties and palazzo but the city loses none of its seduction, even to a skeptic. Translated by John Howe • 80pp


Letters from the Palazzo Barbaro by Henry James

The great writer went to Venice and instantly fell in love with the city: this selection of letters provides a unique record of his impressions • 224pp


Casanova's Return to Venice by Arthur Schnitzler

An ageing Casanova longs to return to Venice after a life of exile. A brilliant psychological portrait two days in the life of the most famous seducer and free spirit.

Translated by Ilsa Barea • 192pp


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880 pp
Published 22 November 2012
ISBN 9781906548605
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