Hecate and Her Dogs

Hecate and Her Dogs

By Paul Morand

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A love affair in 1920s Tangiers descends to disturbing depravity

Hecate and Her Dogs, set in the 1920s, is the story of a love affair which turns into a nightmare. The narrator, sent to an African country to run a branch of a large French bank, begins a liaison with Clotilde, only to discover in her unexpected and shocking depths of perversity. Tense and bleak, Hecate and Her Dogs is a novella of high literary quality and disconcerting power. This elegant novella of disturbing eroticism was the book with which Morand returned triumphantly to the literary scene in 1954. Paul Morand's Venices and The Allure of Chanel are also available from Pushkin Press.

Translated by David Coward
Cover illustration by William Blake
152 pp
Published 30 June 2009
ISBN 9781901285802
Pushkin Collection