Dot and Anton

Dot and Anton

By Erich Kästner

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The author of Emil and the Detectives strikes again...

Matches, buy my matches, ladies and gents!' calls Luise Pogge, a.k.a. 'Dot', evening after evening, standing on Weidendammer Bridge in the middle of Berlin. Of course, her wealthy parents have no idea of her whereabouts, believing her to be in the safe care of her nanny, Miss Andacht. But Miss Andacht is being blackmailed by her shady fiancé, which is where Dot comes in. Anton, on the other hand, has to beg because he and his mother are paupers, and desperate. When the two children make friends on the streets of Berlin, Dot, who is no fool, has a brilliant idea which is sure to solve both their problems, and in the process they even solve a dastardly crime...


Translated by Anthea Bell
Cover illustration by Nathan Burton
160 pp
Published 09 April 2015
ISBN 9781782690573
Pushkin Children's Flapped PB