Alphabet of the Night

Alphabet of the Night

By Jean-Eulphèle Milcé

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A tense novel set in Haiti, a land where everything and nothing is possible

Port-au-Prince, another dull morning tinged with violence and black magic. Jeremy Assaël, a Jewish shopkeeper, sees his friend and lover, Lucien, gunned down outside his shop by a vengeful policeman. In a Haiti that exists in the perpetual night of misery and oppression, Jeremy wonders if his only option is exile. His best friend from school, Fresnel, has disappeared in ominous circumstances. So he embarks on a quest to discover his fate. His search leads him to a corrupt pastor, a shady revolutionary and a voodoo priest. What is revealed is not only himself but contemporary Haiti, a land where everything and nothing is possible.

Translated by Christopher Moncrieff
Cover illustration by Tiane Doan na Champassak
112 pp
Published 27 April 2007
ISBN 9781901285765
B-Format Paperback

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