Act of God

Act of God

By Jill Ciment

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Brooklyn, the summer of 2015. The city is sweltering from another record-breaking heatwave, accompanied by biblical rains, and now a mysteriously glowing mushroom infestation is threatening the city. As the HAZMAT squad descends, identical twin sisters Edith, a recently retired librarian, and Kat, a feckless romantic who mistakes her own eccentricity for originality, are evacuated from their terraced house alongside their landlady and a Russian interloper, caught in a centrifugal nightmare. And as the mould spreads from house to house, frightened and bewildered New Yorkers wonder whether this plague on all their houses is an act of God...

Part horror story, part screwball comedy, Act of God considers what happens when our lives - so seemingly set and ordered yet so precariously balanced - break down in the wake of calamity. It is, also, a novel about love found in the most unlikely circumstances.

192 pp
Published 07/07/2016
ISBN 9781782272113

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