A Tale Without a Name

A Tale Without a Name

By Penelope Delta

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An enchanting, powerful fable as timely today as on first publication a century ago

The kingdom used to be a place of paved roads and well-filled coffers, with joy and the good life all around. But the old king went the way of all flesh years ago, and now the kingdom is derelict, a land ofwickedness and ruin. But a young prince and his sister begin to see what must be done, and-if they can-to restore what has been lost. For a hundred years A Tale Without a Name has been one of Greece's best-loved stories. This playful, wise fable is enchanting for readers of any age, as meaningful and moving now as when it was first written.

Translated by Mika Provata-Carlone
Cover illustration by Mika Provata-Carlone
232 pp
Published 11 April 2013
ISBN 9781908968906
Pushkin Collection