A Life

A Life

By Italo Svevo


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A bank clerk torn between routine and art, between true love and its impostor

Reprinted with a new cover in B format, A Life is the gruelling tale of the frustrated existence of a bank clerk with a poetic soul. The artistic aspirations of the protagonist and the emptiness of his daily life become tragic in the great divide between what he wants and what he actually has and gets. Alfonso the bank clerk wants to be a poet and seems to be falling in love with Annetta, the vain and arrogant daughter of his boss. But the emptiness of both his attempts at writing and at love lead to an ironic and painful conclusion.


Translated by Archibald Colquhoun
Cover illustration by Egon Schiele
320 pp
Published 28 November 2006
ISBN 9781901285628
B-Format Paperback

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