Book Club

Running a Book Club? This is for you. Thinking of starting one? This is for you too.



We may not be among the ten best writers chosen by the eminent, ermined Laura White, but we won’t let that hold us, or you, back.

  1. Want to discuss The Rabbit Back Literature Society in your book club? We will give you 15% off for orders of 5 or more copies, and 30% off for orders of 10 or more; and if you have any questions for the author, we will send your top 5 to Pasi. If you are interested, please email us at books@pushkinpress.com, putting #rabbitbackrules in the subject field, and we’ll send you your own special discount code.
  2. Enter our competition (details below), and if your idea’s the best, you will win 5 free Pushkin Press books!

Spread the word! Twitter is already alive with talk about this brilliant Finnish love-child of Twin Peaks and The Secret History, and its enviably talented author, Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen. Tweet #rabbitbackrules.



Ah, that freakishly fun book virus that’s messing with Great Works of World Literature – what damage has it done to your library? Send us your alternative ending to your favourite classic title. Does Gatsby turn out to have told the truth all along, after all? Does Lady Macbeth kill her husband and become the first female Thane? Does Wooster fall enthusiastically in love with Madeleine B., and marry her after a fist-fight with Jeeves?


You can submit one alternative ending for up to three titles. Send yours to books@pushkinpress.com, with the subject-line “Gulliver elopes with a Houyhnhm”, by January 31st, 2014.